Elizabeth Rose Collectibles: Handmade Porcelain Dolls
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Elizabeth Rose Collectibles

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A little about our products...

Each doll is handcrafted from the finest quality porcelain slip available. They are fired to 2250 degrees and then individually handpainted and fired again to 1250 degrees. At each step the dolls are checked for imperfections. If there is a flaw it gets deemed a second or a reject. Each doll has its own unique personality, and each one can have many different looks.

Is there a doll that reminds you of someone special, if only it had a different color eyes or hair? Maybe a different hairstyle? Then a custom order is for you. You pick the face, eye color, wig style and color. You can even choose between a boy or a girl outfit in your choice of color.

Need a unique gift? These dolls are completed and waiting for you to find them a home. They are a great idea to give away...or to keep for yourself! doll